Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Spirit Store usually has their coolest items in
the back of the store with a different theme each year.
This years theme is "Area 31".

I love the Spirit Store, but this is weak.

The themed area was not very isolated as it usually is.

This guy was not working very well in any of the locations
and all it did was fill the helmet with smoke and light up
green inside or something.

 Pretty much the same with this guy.

This thing was supposed to sit up and it's eyes would light
up and show through the sheet. Not very impressive to me.

This one was kind of neat as you could put it anyplace. You
could put it on your bed and when activated it would raise
up a few feet like Regan MacNeil. It wasn't working well though.

Out of all that stuff for this year, I much prefer these guys.
I still love you Spirit Store and I look
forward to next year's theme.

 "I like 'em too!"

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