Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Back on Thursday, August 15, 2013 I posted that I had
seen a bit of Disney Pixar's "Cars" on TV and it looked
so good that I right away hunted down and bought a copy
on Blu-ray. And doggone it, it WAS good.

Then "Cars 2" was released but it received less than
stellar reviews so I passed when it came out.

Now "Cars 3" is out and folks have said it is
great. So I picked it up today. This is the Blu-ray/DVD
Digibook version. It has an embossed cover and a 32 page
story book. Very nice and I can't wait to see the movie.

(And now, since I am for the most part a completest,
I'm pretty sure I will pick up part 2 if I can find it for a
good price.)

Then I stopped by World Market since I was close by and
stocked up on more incense. I also used to like to buy jalapeno
stuffed olives there until they got to be too expensive.

But today I found a jar with the World Market name on them. 
Twice as many olives at half the price of the other brand
I used to buy. I will give them a go.

Okay.... GOOD OLIVES! Semi-hot and I love the garlic flavor.
This picture makes them look not too great, but I guarantee you,
they are delicious. Now to try and not eat them all in one day and
make myself sick.

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