Monday, November 13, 2017

I had seen "Atomic Blonde" in the theater and I couldn't wait for
it to come out on Blu-ray so I could watch it again, and here she is.
I watched it. I remember enjoying the soundtrack and yeah, excellent!
The gun play was as fun as I remember.

I was not super impressed with the fight scenes the first time around,
but this time I liked them better. I was able to see some action, technique
and strategy that I missed on my first viewing. Charlize Theron is pretty
bad-ass. You see that guy on the left that she just played with? He is all
like, "Oh... God... JEEZ, that really hurts..." 
The guy with his back to us is ABOUT to say that.

I am not a big fan of fighting in real life, but in the movies I love to watch
it. It is like two (or three or four) people dancing with each other.
When it is done well (to me) like this movie or "Resident Evil" or
"John Wick" to name a few, it is a lot of fun.

This movie is totally worth seeing. I paid $19.99 and I am not sorry.

Another fun thing to look for: The guy
falling backwards down the stairs.

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