Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I bought "Leatherface" on Blu-ray. This is the origin story of
Leatherface of the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not
sure if his name is Hewitt or Sawyer or what in this movie.
I will find out. This movie gets dumped on all over the place.
But good or bad, I had to have it for my TCM collection.


...later that night.

I watched Leatherface. Not going to say too much except...
not too impressed. Nothing new. What they think is clever,
I don't. And holy cow... this is supposed to be TEXAS and
the movie was made in Bulgaria. You lose me right there.

I am going to give this movie 4.5 "Wait a sec, which one is
supposed to be Leatherface again?"s out of 10. As I said,
I needed it for my TCM collection, but I don't know if I will
ever even watch it again.

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