Wednesday, January 3, 2018

~ My 2018 Birthday Extravaganza Continues ~

I have been waiting for today for a LONG time.
And the Regal Theater is busy.

I love being back. I am a little surprised at how messy the
place is today. Last night must have been a doozy. The
place is usually spotless. Today popcorn is everywhere.

Popcorn? Check. Diet Coke? Check. Finally. Here we go.

Star Wars! The Last Jedi!

Three hours later... Oh wow. Just oh wow. That was amazing.
I am not disappointed in the slightest. I laughed, I cried....
Serious. I cried three times. As I wrote after having seen
The Force Awakens, I don't think they could have done a
better job of casting when they hired Daisy Ridley and Adam
Driver. When those two were interacting my eyes and ears were
glued to the screen. I cannot wait to see it again. I cannot WAIT.
I will rate this movie 10 out of 10 "Oh PLEASE Release This On
Blu-ray SOON"s. I could go on and on...

Next stop for my rampant Extravaganza consumerism? Target.
Kind of an overcast day today, ain't it?

 I picked up "Allegiant" on Blu-ray. Good price: $7.50. Usually
a bit more than that. This will complete my Divergence Series.
I saw the trailer on my "Nerve" Blu-ray last night and it looks
good for what it is. 

This was what I was really excited to get. I had planned on getting
a Lodge pan at REI next week on my Birthday visit, but I checked
stock online last night and they were out. I could not find an 8" pan
anywhere. Oh well, not in the stars I guess. But dang-it if I didn't
find one at Target. And they only had two left which did not surprise me.
One last great thing: At REI? $15.95. At Target? On sale, $9.76. Not
bad for something you will have for life. SCORE!
I cannot wait to use it.

Let's continue the fun...

I stopped into World Market and picked up
more incense. Always use this.

It is starting to get dark out, which is great because, well, I love the night.
I never usually get to stay out too late because of my job and town is so
far from home, so this is a treat. I don't have to worry about getting home.
This theme will carry on throughout my Birthday Extravaganza. Beautiful.

I decided since it is close by, I will stop in at Ross which is a fairly new
store. I have never been there. Wow, this place is... terrible. Folks have trashed
this place. No respect. If you see something you like, you pick it up off the floor
and it is broken. Just awful. Folks behave terribly in stores sometimes.
Enough that they have a security guard inside the entrance. Not a
greeter, a guard. Sad.

I guess their sign tells the story.

Enough of that. Onward.

Dick's doesn't usually have anything new. A lot of Coghlan's gear
which is for the most part lousy stuff in the camping/hiking area. They do
have a few MSR items... I don't know.... Just going to look.

I picked up a Nite Ize locking carabiner.
Can always use these.

Hey! Let's go to...

...Big Lots! I have not been here in AGES.
I'm going to check out the movies.

I ended up getting "Twixt" which I know nothing about. But it looks interesting.
And then "Stretch" which looks kind of fun. And then "Train To Busan" which is
a "zombies on a train" movie that some folks say is one of the best of 2016. I didn't
buy it when it was a Walmart for about $12, but $5? I'm taking it home. My son
saw it and thought it was pretty good. Huzzah!
I'm hungry.

El Pollo Loco is right up my alley.

Festive inside a always. This is about my fourth time here.

Looking at this picture makes me hungry all over again. Breast, wing,
black beans, rice, flour tortillas and really great hot sauce (NOT salsa)
and peppers. For a restaurant of this caliber, tonight I rate this meal 7.5
out of 10 Scoville Ratings.

This is another restaurant that has gone to locking the doors because of
the homeless situation. This bathroom requires tokens. The homeless thing...
It is difficult from all sides. Hopefully someday we can work all this out.
I am not unsympathetic. I have gone through stuff in my life as well. Onward.

One last stop tonight! Barnes & Noble! My iPod is almost full, but for the
right music I can be persuaded to squeeze a few more on. I want to check
out the movies as well.

Looks about the same as last year.

Holy cow! Thousands of DVDs in stock!

Well, I see at least hundreds. But do you know what? Today they are
aWAAAAAYYYY overpriced. I don't know what happened. B&N is
usually a bit higher than other stores, but jeez.... C'mon already.

I just saw this one over at Big Lots for eight bucks.
Here? $29.99.

And "Life" was an okay movie. I saw it in the theater
and will pick it up when it comes down a bit, but here?

$34.99! Man! Even with a B&N Membership with 20% off it is still $30.23
with tax. Ridiculous. Man, Barnes & Noble I am out for tonight. You guys
need to lighten up a bit. Nothing from B&N today. That's alright. I have had
a lot of fun today, buying stuff. Heh heh. Hey, I am going to do it some more!

My 2018 Birthday extravaganza will continue on... More plans for tomorrow!

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