Friday, June 15, 2018

I'd been wanting to go to the Container Store for over
a year, ever since I had heard about the place.
My mom wanted to go as well...

So we took the day and went. I was hoping just to find some
lotion bottles. I am picky about what kind I use and I have not
found any I like... anywhere. Hopefully here I would
find one, or some.

I also wanted a container for some of the blankets that I don't
always use but want to have at hand if I need them.

They have lots of containers alright. And baskets too.

 And clothes hangers by the hundreds. And trunks.

 Lot's of cleaning supplies for the home as well. Just lots of stuff.
No good lotion containers though, none even to speak of. They
seem to have a lot of the same kind of containers from small to
really large, but they are all the same KIND of containers, just
different brands is all. So if you do not want the kind of containers
they have, you are outta luck.

My mom picked up an extending pole with an attachment
to clean the ceiling fans and an attachment to change light
bulbs as well, both between 20 and 25 feet high.

I was hemming and hawing about buying this little Swiss-Tech
plier/screwdriver tool that I found in the impulse section. It was
about $8.50 and I was being wishy-washy about it because of
cash being in shorter supply these days.

 Mom said, "Get it. I'll buy it for you." "SOLD!" said I.
Thanks mom. Yer a pal!
These are pretty nice pliers. The whole thing was
dang stiff so I slicked it up a little with some Hoppe's
gun oil and now she is as happy as a pig in..... mud.

We had a nice day and we don't need to go back
to the Container Store for a long while.

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