Thursday, August 16, 2018

This has been my popcorn popper ever since my
beloved Whirley Pop popcorn popper went south on me.

I've been getting pretty good at popping popcorn
under different conditions and the corn I pop in
this pot is dang good. The process is not as easy
and not all the corn pops as it does with the
Whirley Pop, but the corn turns out well

This has also given me the opportunity to use the
Flavacol that I bought a few years ago. I don't use
it with the Whirley Pop because clean up is just too
complicated. Flavacol is a really fine salt type deal
and it can be a MESS. Some folks say that Flavacol
is the secret to having movie theater popcorn at home.
I don't see that, but okay. It is pretty good stuff.

 I want to replace my Whirley Pop
popper as soon as I can afford to.

I just typed the words "popcorn", "pop" and
"Whirley" a'WAY more than I ever wanted to.

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