Saturday, September 1, 2018

 Knife Day at El Rancho De La Tex!
This is not a knife review. This is a "Hey, check out this
great knife I have!" thing. This knife has a LOT of
sentimental value for me. This is the Buck 112 Ranger
knife. I bought this knife in about... oh.... 1982 or so.
It has been with me during a lot of events in my life.

It came with a great leather sheath. I don't know about this
sheath, but the sheathes today I hear are made in Mexico.
But the knife? All American. Proudly made by Buck
in the U.S.A. As you can see, my sheath has seen a
lot of love.

The Buck 112 Ranger is a lock back knife and I have full
confidence in the strength of the lock. The grip panels are
I believe a resin infused wood that have held up great and
are beautiful. Great clip point blade. Back in the day Buck
called it a "California Clip". Don't know if they still do.

The bolsters are brass and if one wishes, with a little
Flitz or the like they will polish to a bright finish,

It is said that everybody from the casual collector to the
expert should have a Buck 112 or 110 in their collection.
The 112 is a smaller version of the 110. I have decided that
I am going to add a 110 to my collection in the next few
months. I just have that hankerin'.

This is a big and heavy knife. Belt/sheath carry is just
about mandatory. I think this is why many people don't
carry this knife anymore. Pocket clip light tactical knives
are the thing now. I am older school. I am good with the 112.

I love Buck knives.

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