Monday, November 26, 2018

Pretty happy today. While doing regulars at Walmart I was
happy to find out that there were quite a few left-overs from
Black Friday. Most of these movies I wanted to see in the
theaters, but because of time or money I was unable to.

All of them I wanted to buy but because money has been a
little scarce this year I was waiting awhile. I really wanted
the Blu-ray versions of these movies, but hey, for the price?
DVDs will work. If I want the Blu-rays down the line, then
maybe. All of the *DVDs were $3.96 with the exception of
"Annihilation" which was $5.96. I can't wait to watch these.

File this under: "More Than You Wanted to Know".

*"Home Alone" is the Blu-ray and DVD edition.

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