Thursday, January 24, 2019

 A friend of mine went to the SHOT Show in Las Vegas
this year and brought back a few fun things for me. Above
is a really great patch from the Ontario Knife Co.
I don't have any of their knives. Not because I don't WANT
one, but because I don't know which one I WANT. I have
had a couple on my Amazon Wish List for years.
Anyway, REALLY nice patch.

One of the other things he brought back for me is this poker
chip from CMC Triggers. CMS makes drop in triggers (upgrades)
for rifles and some pistols. I am not totally familiar with the

The back side.... 
He also brought some great 2019 catalogs for knives,
firearms, holsters and such for me to peruse. Thanks
so much for thinking about me again this year my friend.

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