Saturday, February 2, 2019

I saw the previews for "Red Sparrow" in the theater about
a year ago and I thought that it looked good. And like I have
written before, for better or for worse I really
like Jennifer Lawrence.

I was not able to see it in the theater and for the last month
I have been eyeing what I think is the one and only copy
of the Blu-ray left in our Walmart. It was partially open and
I think nobody was buying it for that reason. I finally gave in,
took a chance and bought it. It turned out to be in fine condition
so all is well. I am going to watch it tonight. #excited


......later that night.
I watched Red Sparrow. It was good. I am going to
have to watch it again before I can rate it. Jennifer Lawrence
as usual was good. Her costumes were beautiful. The story was
good and always had me guessing. Joel Edgerton was good
too. I like that guy. There were a lot of twists and turns that
will take another viewing or two for me to fully appreciate.

Definitely worth a watch.

Fun Thing To Look Out For: An awesome head-shot.

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