Tuesday, March 26, 2019

 This is my Rowdy Yates doll. Clint Eastwood played
a character by the name of Rowdy Yates in the 50's/60's
TV show called "Rawhide". This doll looks nothing
like him. At all.

This was a Christmas gift.

This is the back of the box.
I AM happy to have this doll.

You are able unfold the back which is held in place by
Velcro tabs to reveal more pictures of Rowdy and
a short write-up about the show. I left this photo big
so that you may open it up in a new browser window
to read if you would like to.

These dolls are "numbered" and I have 1 of 12000. I was
pretty danged excited to have the #1 doll! I have had
a few framed prints in my time and when it says 254/1000
it means that you have the 254th print of 1000 copies. BUT,
in the case of Rowdy here, it took me a little while to realize
that "1 of 12000" meant I have one of twelve thousand dolls
made. Not NUMBER ONE of twelve thousand.

Pretty tricky. Or maybe I am just dense.

I think these dolls were produced in about 1997.
I have had it that long.


Anonymous said...

They all say 1 of a 12000 sorry

Lizzy Tex Borden said...

I finally figured that out... Thanks!