Sunday, April 14, 2019

 I have shown this before. This is a little "general store"
and "assay office" on "Trails West", the outdoor display
at the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage in
Griffith Park, California. This is from my 2012 visit.

What I don't think that I HAVE shown is a picture I
took of what is inside of it. I am pretty sure that
this is just an educational display for students that
visit the museum on field trips. There is not even 
anything in there that I would want to have and I
can't say that about ANY other part of the museum.

As I have also written before, Trails West was taken
out a few years ago and replaced with an "ethnobotanical
garden". I could NEVER communicate to you just how
excited I was to learn that the outdoor display depicting our
American West was being replaced by an
"ethnobotanical garden".

Just look at that cowboy sitting in the serene ethnobotanical garden 
enjoying his book about vintage wines or cheeses or something.
What an invaluable experience.

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