Monday, June 10, 2019

 This is a postcard that I got from the Andersen's Split
Pea Soup restaurant in Buellton CA sometime in the
mid 1960's. We only went there a few times. To me
it was like going to Disneyland, and I loved the soup.
I remember crackers and cheese and
croutons, free samples.

I remember a wine cellar, I think that is what it was.
Going down the stairs to the cellar was like exploring
the caves on Tom Sawyer's Island at the Disney Park.


 ...It is probably not near as great as my memories,
but we had a lot of fun there. Loved Hap-Pee and
Pee-Wea too.

Again, I scanned this post card big so if you
would like to open it up in a new window...

P.S. Look at poor little Pea-Wee's cheek. He has
a band-aid on it. Apparently Hap-Pea is a little
careless with the mallet. Pea-Wee needs
some Cal/OSHA.

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