Monday, July 1, 2019

I saw the preview for "Skyscraper" in the theater when it
was new and it looked pretty good. Scary high stuff. But
I didn't want to spend the ticket price to see it. I wanted to
wait for the Blu-ray. I watched the Blu go from about $24
(too much) to about $22 (too much) to about $12 (too much)
and today... I scored at $9.96 (almost just right).

Who knows though... After I see it $22 may seem right. On
the other hand, $5 may seem too much. I will find out.

Just the cover makes me dizzy. Can't wait to see it.


...later that night.
I watched the movie. A LOT of fun. $9.96 is about
the perfect price. I rate Skyscraper 7.3 out of 10 Pearls.

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