Friday, September 27, 2019

I've kind of posted a photo of this before. I haven't really
featured it though. This is a gunbelt and holster made
by Ted Blocker. The model is called "The Duke". Anybody
who is a fan of John Wayne's Western movies will recognize
this as a reproduction of his rig, for the most part.

It is rough out, but it is not a money belt.
It was made for a 6.5" BBL, single action (of course).

I am not a big fan of how the holster is held onto the belt.
A little too modern for me. The screws help the holster
stay into the position of your choosing. I'd prefer no
screws on my leather of this type, but I bought it
YEARS ago before I really knew what I liked so
that is that. Overall all it is an awesome rig.

I don't think they make this model anymore.
I'm sure somebody else does.

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