Thursday, October 10, 2019

 It seems a long time ago now. August 24th was National
Knife Day. I didn't know that then and I wanted to make up for it
here. Today I was finally able to dig out a knife to commemorate
the day. The above knife is a Cold Steel Recon Tanto. Many years
ago the Great Western Gun Show that took place at the L.A. County
Fairgrounds would usually have a table that featured Cold Steel
"seconds", or knives that were imperfect in sometimes just the
slightest way.

I would pick up some of these knives for practicality pennies on the
dollar (I exaggerate... a little). I cannot remember how much I paid
for this but it was next to nothing. I don't believe the sheath is the
correct one. I think they just threw this one in. But the knife fits
well and is held in securely.

This knife is SHARP. It has never touched a stone. I have
never used it. It's just a fun knife to have.

If I remember right, the imperfection on this knife was the logo. It was
not stamped correctly. It bothered Cold Steel but it doesn't bother me.

Blade length - 7"
Overall length - 11 3/4"

Happy belated National Knife Day!

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