Wednesday, October 2, 2019

This clown was at the Spirit Halloween
store. He is about 8 feet tall!

I left this picture pretty darn big.
I would not want to wake up to THIS guy
looking down at me.

!!! Bonus Picture !!!
I went to see "Rambo: Last Blood". No spoilers. I didn't love it.
I liked it. It is worth seeing in the theater. Short movie though.
When it comes out on Blu-ray I will buy it. Most likely when
the price drops, but I have said that before.

I rate "Rambo: Last Blood" 7 out of 7 "Guys Whose
Asses You Want To See Kicked Big Time".

It was good to see John Rambo after 11 years.

Fun thing to watch out for: His knife from the last movie.

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