Saturday, October 9, 2021

The theme for this year's seasonal Spirit Halloween Store is
"Halloween Factory". It seems their goal is carving as many
Jack-o'-lanterns as possible before the big night.

Here is one of the busy beaver Halloween Factory
workers now! He is carving spooky pumpkins
as fast as he can, because...

"Hey! C'mon you SLACKERS! I don't hear any carving!"
I guess it's the same all over.

"Carve, people! Carve!"
It seems to be bad cop/bad cop at the
Halloween Factory.

And finally, the Jack-o'-lantern carving in action!

The eyes are awesome this year. My son and I are
hoping that soon these eyes will be added to the
animatronics that we can purchase (because as of
yet we have not seen any).

You know I love the Spirit Store, but some themes are
better than others and this year's theme is... okay. Not
real exciting, but it is Spirit so it's always fun.

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