Wednesday, March 23, 2022

As I have posted before, every once in a great while I will
change the photo in this frame that is in my room to reflect
something that I enjoy. This time around it is a photo featuring the
cast of the television series Renegade (1992-1997). I watched
this show back then and I am enjoying it on DVD and on the
Internet now.

Pictured above (L-R) is Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines AKA Vince
Black, Kathleen Kinmont as Cheyenne Phillips and Branscombe
Richmond as the guy you gotta love,  Bobby Sixkiller.

"He was a cop, and good at his job. But then he committed
 the ultimate sin and testified against other cops gone bad.
Cops who tried to kill him, but got the woman he loved instead.
Framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands. An
outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter... a Renegade!"

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