Saturday, June 18, 2022

It is Knife Day again here at El Rancho De La Tex!
Today's knife is one that I bought because, well, it's a SCREAM,
baby (if'n ya know what I mean). It is the Buck Model 119. As far as I know
there are two models, the 119 and the 119 Special. I think the Special has
a longer blade. That's really all I think I know about this knife and I could
be totally full of it. The 119 has been produced since 1942.

My 119 came with a cordura sheath which
I don't love, for this knife anyway. I would have rather had leather.
There is a plastic sleeve in the sheath and the knife rattles around
inside of it, making a lot of noise.

Anyway, this knife is really common and there are those who love
them, and those who hate them (the synthetic resin handle material).
I am just happy to own one.

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