Thursday, July 7, 2022

 This is an old pamphlet for a shooting range I used to frequent
in Ventura California in the 80's and early 90's. It was located more
or less in the mountains and was a really nice place to shoot. There were
two ranges separated by a concrete wall. One side was for police training
(you should have HEARD what would come from that side of the wall) and
the other side was for us, civilians.

Other than the occasional grumpy
rangemasters, this place was perfect.

Look at this! $3.50 to shoot not for an hour or two, but for the entire
day, and your first set of targets were included in that price. Wo. And
$6.00 for 50 rounds of .38 Special reloaded ammunition, and I never
had an issue with any I purchased. Dang good.

The range closed I think in the late 90's?

I had some great times with some great friends here.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the range as we
did not have cameras every place we went like we
do now. The best I could do is a Google aerial capture
of what the place looks like now-a-days. Sad. It used
to be beautiful.

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