Monday, October 24, 2022

A 100 years ago some kid's mom made him a homemade costume
so he could finally go trick or treating, but a bunch of brats made fun
of him for that costume. As a final insult they locked him away in a barn
not knowing that it was haunted by a family who starved one winter and
perished there. The poor kid died in that barn and became the seven foot
Possessed Pumpkin! Now he TORTURES neighborhood
kids every Halloween. Hole-eee cow! other news.
This is what I used my 20% Spirit coupon on. It was between this
Camp Crystal Lake sign and the SCREAM knife that I showed on
Friday, October 7, 2022. And like I wrote then, it was kind of a no brainer
considering how much of a fan I am of the Friday the 13th movie series.

I will show a photo of it when I hang it up. I really like this sign.

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