Saturday, October 1, 2022

Huzzah! Our 2022 Annual Halloween Crawl!
Halloween Express was our very first stop. It seems
to work out this way every year. Halloween Express
is kind of like a Spirit Store but with a little more edge
to it. Kind of.

Next up!
Our first Spirit Store of the season.

Spirit Store number two!

And then of course we had to stop at one of our very
favorite places, the Indian Store. Treasures and learning
are abundant in this place.

Well lookie here! Another Spirit Store!
As you can see, the shadows are getting long. We had been
Halloween Crawling for about 7 hours at this point and
we were getting a little tired and pretty hungry...

...soooooooo, we made a stop at Subway for some sandwiches.
They hit the spot tonight I will tell you what (I didn't get any
pictures of the Subway we visited so this picture from a previous
trip is a stand in). It was getting on to about 8 PM by the time
we finished eating and we decided that it was time to call it, so we
took our new treasures (oh yes, there are treasures) and headed
on back to The Ranch.

It was a great day and I will be posting more pictures throughout
the month of Spooktober.

The Halloween season ROCKS.

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