Friday, December 30, 2022

Last December 30th I had written that I bought a new Zippo
Armor® Brushed Chrome Windproof Lighter as a practice run
for my 2022 Birthday Extravaganza (which again starts next
week). Well, I have been carrying this lighter now every day for
one year and I still REALLY like it. It is almost my favorite (my fav
being my Zippo Horseshoe Embossed lighter that I have semi-retired).

And this lighter has indeed turned out to be easier to grip and hold onto than
my last Zippo which was brushed chrome front, back, top and both sides.

Some folks have an issue with the need to refill a Zippo to keep it
operational. For more than a few years now it has not been a problem
for me. Once a week, on Wednesdays, after work, I refill my Zippo, my
lotion and my sanitizer. It just takes a few minutes and I am good to go.

With this schedule I have never run out of lotion or
sanitizer and my lighter has never gone dry.

And a zippo makes a good fidget item as well, if you
are into that sort of thing, which I sometimes am.

 Happy Anniversary ZIPPO!

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