Thursday, January 19, 2023

Happy National Popcorn Day!
This year I am featuring my hot air popcorn popper.
Yeah, they do not make the greatest popcorn in the
world to be certain. Hot air popcorn does not have
salt and it does not have oil or butter, but it does have.....


I am able to enjoy my favorite snack with a smaller amount
of calories, and that is what I have been going for lately.

Today would be a good day to make a big bowl of
whatever kind of popcorn YOU like, put on a good
movie and BAM! ENJOY!

Tonight with my popcorn I will be watching "Felony"
(1994) starring Lance Henriksen and Leo Rossi along with
the legendary Jeffrey Combs and Joe Don Baker. I know
nothing about this movie other than I bought it used and
I hope it will be entertaining. Anyway..... POPCORN!

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