Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I like knives.
I have been collecting and carrying a knife of one sort or another for many years.
I collect and carry knives as tools. Many people look at knives and the
first thing that they say is, "OH yeah, THAT could stab somebody GOOD."

Please please please. That is not what my knives are all about. Knives are tools and some knives are very beautiful just like a fine firearm. I don't have any really high end custom knives. I cannot afford them. What I do have are some very nice production quality knives. Ayep.

Here is my latest and a pretty nice knife that I have been carrying for about
four months now. It sits in an easily accessible place in my purse.

This is a Benchmade 555HG Mini-Griptillian Plain Edge (as
opposed to semi or full serrated) knife. Above is the closed position which
measures 3.87 inches long.

The Mini-Griptillian in it's opened position has an
overall length of 6.78's inches. The blade is made of 154CM stainless steel. It is hollowground and sports a modified sheepsfoot shape. The blade length is 2.91 inches. It stays in the open position by way of an AXIS Lock and feels very secure. The pocket clip (not visible) can be reversed for right or left handed carry (tip up only). This is an awesome knife and was designed by Mel Pardue.

 Anyway, just kind of an intro to illustrate that I am a knife person.

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