Thursday, April 14, 2011

I will probably post more photographs taken at this location in the future as it is one of my favorite places ever. This is the entrance to the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in Griffith Park, California. It is a museum that I try to visit once a year, usually in the summer months. I took this photo during one of those times and the temperature that day was about 103 (although it is usually chilly in the museum).


All of those cars you see in the distance are for the Los Angeles Zoo which is directly across from The Autry.

 I usually have the museum almost to myself. I see lot's of tourists just whiz right through the Autry Museum. I don't think they appreciate the western treasure greatness that is displayed before them.
Tsk tsk. Off to Disneyland with them.

Now don't misunderstand me, me buckos.... Disneyland is probably my first favorite place ever, but hey, if you're at the Autry, slow down and smell the gunpowder.

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