Saturday, January 21, 2012

Here is another in a series of photographs from my visit to the Gene Autry
Western Heritage Museum. The Autry Museum is of course in Griffith
Park, California. It's right across from the L.A. Zoo. This picture
shows a street like you might see on a motion picture sound stage (well,
not really, but kind of). On this street, behind the window of every
facade is a display of items that would be used to create movies of
the old West. One display would be prop rubber pistols, another might be
kits used by makeup artists of the day. There is some really awesome stuff
here. The director up there is a mannequin. But I suspect you might
have known that already.

There are two things I never turn down: An opportunity to use the restroom,
and/or a chance to visit this museum. And if they both happen on
the same day? Doo-dah!! I'm in Heaven.

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