Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A few years ago as I was driving down the freeway, the car
in front of me kicked up a big chunk of steel of some kind
and my car's windshield was the (un)lucky recipient of the
impact. The whole interior of the car was sprayed with glass
and I must have closed my eyes at just the right time because
how I didn't get any glass in them is beyond me.

Well, today I feel even more fortunate to be writing this because
on my way home from jury duty I had a run in with a 10 foot tall
 aluminum ladder. It was lying flat and  lengthwise in the middle
 of the lane making it very difficult to determine just what was in my path.
 I hit it full on. My car went airborne, then landed and started to fishtail.
I was able to recover and was just shaken up a bit. Quite a bit.
Our mechanic's first impression is that the car will be declared totalled.

I am a good driver. This was unavoidable.

It's been a long day.

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