Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well, awesome. The Halloween season is approaching. I like Halloween
almost better than any other holiday (long story there) and today I made my first
visit to the Spirit Store. Spirit if you don't know is a seasonal Halloween store that
pops up all over the counties during... you guessed it. Above is the first Spirit Store
I managed to find. I have been on their mailing list for a few years so I always have
20% off coupons for this annual outing.
Every year Spirit seems to have an overriding theme, and this year it is "zombies".
I imagine that is due to the AMC series on television called "The Walking
Dead". I've yet to see it (I will), so I don't know if it's good, but I hear it is excellent.
That said, I added another guy to my skull collection. He is the first one I have that
still has a little flesh left on him. Zombie don't ya know. That's him, up there.
Last year the popular costume was Charlie Sheen. He was having his (with all
due respect, Charlie) meltdown and everybody it seems wanted to be him. This
year Charlie's section was in the corner, pretty much in the dark. If you dress like
him now, I bet nobody would know who you're supposed to be. Above is last years
"Charlie section".
Next I zipped over (like with traffic these days you can do any real zipping) to the
next Spirit Store I managed to find. This one is a little smaller but they pretty much
managed to pack everything in there, albeit some of it precariously balanced on
the shelves. But it's all good. I didn't hear one person complain, except for that
one guy, who was in the chair, at the back of the store, the guy with 50,000 fake
volts running through his body. That guy was on edge.
There was a pretty freaky looking lady in the window too.
Not TOO attractive. Sorry lady.
And I found one more skull for the day. He is a glow in the dark and my second
skull to have no painting or accents on him. He glows pretty good. Anyway,
I will be visiting Spirit again before the season is over and with any luck I won't be
working the day after Halloween so that I might catch the "day after" sales.
Please bear with me on this.


Unknown said...

Aswsome Halloween pick ups was wondering if u could find anything movies collectablies for me at or Halloween stores I give u a shout out video my new YouTube channel is send me a Messge through YouTube thanks.

Lizzy Tex Borden said...

Hi Vanessa... These stores don't have movie collectibles.... But if you're interested, you can go to These are the guys who have the outlets during Halloween... There is probably more on the website then at their stores. :)