Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Down in town the sunset of this day has me looking forward to...
...Friday when IRON MAN 3 opens. I won a ticket at work to see
IRON MAN when it came out. And then against all odds I won a
ticket at work to see IRON MAN 2 when it came out. And believe
me, if I won a a ticket at work to see IRON MAN 3, it would be a real
miracle because they don't do things like that for us anymore.
Pictured above is my Marvel Iron Man 3 Titan Hero Series Avengers
Initiative Classic Series Iron Man Figure. Quick! Say that fast! Okay...
*deep breath* Marvelironman3titanheroseriesavengersinitiativeclassic-
seriesironmanfigure. That's right, I DID IT. It's my birthday! It's my birthday!
Woop woop!
Wo, I almost forgot to mention why I am so excited to see IM3.
Four words: Robert Freakin Downey Jr. You  are now
in the know.

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