Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I went to the movies again last night.
I really wanted to see the new Evil Dead remake and last night
was the only chance I would have to go for a while, I think. So
I went. My ticket is pictured above along with one of my NECA Evil
Dead 2 figures. This one is Hero Ash. The remake was okay. If you
go to see it, stay through the credits.
And of course I oinked out on popcorn. Last night was a rare if not
a totally one time occurrence for me. I was at the theater when three
movies I had seen were all playing. Oz The Great and Powerful, the
waste of space Olympus Has Fallen and now Evil Dead. And there are
still quite a few movies coming up that I want to see, and if I am lucky,
I will.
"Cinema 6" photo was taken with my lousy flip phone. The Snack Bar photo
was taken with my (again) beloved iPod which takes lousy pictures.

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