Friday, May 17, 2013

I know this is not very exciting, but about 7 years ago
I started my own toolbox. I got tired of having to search
for the right tool for the job every time I had a little project
to do. I started out by buying the toolbox pictured above.
Then I bought one tool every week or so. Pretty soon my
toolbox was filled to the brim. It's kind of difficult for me
to even lift now, but I can do it.
I have tools by Stanley, Vise-Grip, Craftsman, Kobalt, Black
and Decker... I have some knockoffs, but I know which
ones they are and I know their limitations (can you say Harbor
Freight?). Anyway, from Super Glue to clamps to drill bits I
got myself covered. I love my toolbox.

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