Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm off work today and I'm feeling a little too lazy to do any of
my normal housework. So instead I just mosey'd around
El Rancho De La Tex and took a few rainy day pictures.
I think this picture of my sheep chimes illustrates the
weather outside today. A little cool and refreshing.
And then passing by this old stairway (that I love)
out back...

...I came upon a purple bush and tried to get a photo
of a bee having his way with it.
I've been stung by bees in the last few years in-between
my toes, on my neck, on the back of my leg and on my arm
and I am in no hurry to be stung again. Suddenly I felt a
presence behind me.

 I turned around to see this coyote bait, er, I mean a dog
from down the hill that came a' callin. On yer way
boy, on yer way. Yip!
And my last picture of the walk is of another of my mom's roses.
In my own humble opinion, some things are set up in such
a way that not even somebody like myself can take a bad
picture of them. This is one of them thar things.

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