Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eight years ago I decided to lighten my daily load and stopped
carrying any knife whatsoever for about a year. Mistake. One day
when out and about with my son we had an issue with our car's tail light
and really needed a small pair of pliers. Didn't have any. We had
to make an extra long drive for a repair and I decided on that day
that I would never to be without a knife again.
I don't know what model this Swiss Army Knife is, but the brand is
Wenger. I carry this one every day. I like it because it has pliers and
does not have a corkscrew, a useless tool for me.
There are many many many Swiss Army models available and if
you have never carried one, you should give it a try. But do not buy
an imitation. Victorinox or Wenger. Stick with either of those brands.
Twenty to forty dollars will do you nicely.

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