Monday, July 8, 2013

I was the last one to leave the dark lot this morning at about
1:30 AM. Kind of spooky, but I am a night person and this
is my favorite time to go to the movies.
I saw World War Z with Brad Pitt. Great fantastic eyes, but
the movie did not do a whole lot for me. I keep asking myself
why, but I can't exactly say. It was just lacking something. Not my
preferred kind of zombies either. More like monsters than zombies.
But I did receive another free movie ticket via the Regal Club card.
When I got home I spotted this scorpion on the side of the house.
Now I know for sure how they get into my bedroom on the
second floor. One night in my dimly lit bedroom I accidentally
picked one up with my bare fingers. When it wriggled and I figured
out what it was, I threw him down. Then I scrambled around trying
to find him again. Who wants a scorpion running around their room?
I did find him. We scooped him up and threw him out the door.

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