Monday, September 16, 2013

Today was great. We hit up a Spirit Halloween store. In all
honesty, they just didn't seem to have as many neat things to
see this year. They were light on the "slasher" this time around.
And no Rob Zombie's "Halloween" products at all. Not even
one Charlie "Tiger Blood!" Sheen item to be seen!
But hey, lots of other stuff... So let's move on...

It's the infamous "Deady Bear". Everybody loves this cute little guy
who can't seem to get enough of poking himself with a sharp knife.
He was popular last year and folks who missed out have another
chance. That's not me though. I'm a skull/body parts person.

And new at Spirit this year is a Garden Troll theme. It's all about
little front yard trolls that are not fans of a long lifespan, namely yours. The
little guys above do a wobble all around dance that will send chills up
and down your spine. No kidding. It is really creepy.
I wish I had taken a video. But nope.

I'm a little confused as it was darn noisy and weird in this section of the
store, but I think when you press the red button on this first aid
box, it sets off...

...Old Sparky here frying this poor guy over and over, and over and over.
He's pretty neat in person. He writhes around screaming and little strobes
are going off at his wrists that make it look like he is really feeling some jolts.

 Under low light he would look great.

I had a 20% off coupon today, so I now have a new friend.
He sat in the back when we were moving though.
No seat belt required.

More to come.... Bring on Halloween!

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