Friday, October 25, 2013

We went to the Burlington Coat Factory today to look around.

I spotted this ghost candle way in the back of the shelf. The poor
guy's pumpkin looks like a very sorry version of Charlie Brown.
I feel bad for this candle, but I'm not taking him home.

I also saw this awesome Halloween door mat. Below is a video
I made of the mat in horror filled action.

~ Halloween Mat ~

After the Factory we stopped over to Panda Express.
I experienced the Beijing Beef and Kung Pao Chicken.
And it was good.

Pretty nice day out today on the Panda patio. Cool, but nice.

We brought a fortune cookie home only to discover that it
held not one, but TWO cookies in one package. Now, just
how fortuitous is that? It has to be a sign that luck is coming
our way. If we win a million dollars, I will take a picture of it.

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