Thursday, November 14, 2013

Astromech happiness.
If you've spent any time at my "website" at all, you have to know that
 R2D2 is my all time favorite Star Wars character. So, I will assume
you do not know. Did you know that R2D2 is my all time favorite Star
Wars character? Indeed. I have more than a couple Artoo figures.
So when this "Black Label" wave was released (I think about six
months ago), I wanted him. But not for $19.99.
Enter Toys "R" Us $10 coupon.

He is now all mine. He is slightly larger than other figures and although
collector reviews have been a bit on the disappointed side, most
including me are happy to have him.

Why "Dogzilla"? No idea. But I do know that this cute little guy
is a dog toy and is destined for a violent end. I think it is sad. But I just cannot
bring home every one of these guys I feel for. I did that for a time and
it is not good.

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