Saturday, November 16, 2013

Not too long ago I went to a pretty cool miniature golf
course in Vista, California. It has great water features.

This course has two themes. The theme side we chose
was "pirates". That choice was a given for me. I think this
mini course goes above and beyond on the motif.

And back on  October 28th I had posted this picture as a
"Mystery Spot" writing that "Anybody may visit this place
year round." And they/you can, at this mini golf course.
And I know thar be plunder 'round that corner, aye?
Just beyond me bloody reach. ...bugger.

This place is a lot of fun and looks fantastic. I took a few
other pictures that I am going to post from time to time. They
have a pirate ship sitting in a body of water that is awesome.


M A R T H A said...

That is an awesome mini golf place. I love them when they have the great water trenches and falls.

I love your blog and the love you put into it all. I will be stopping by a lot more. I promise you that.

Lizzy Tex Borden said...

Hi Martha! Thanks... Yeah, drop by when you can... And I will be visiting you too... You have a lot of great stuff....