Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In my never ending quest for the perfect batch of homemade popcorn,
enter Whirley Pop. I've seen these before, and you probably have too.
I saw this one at SEARS and the cost was $19.99 (standard). I received
one for Christmas some years ago but it was damaged and had to be
returned. I never got a replacement but wanted one, so getting this new
popper is good.

The instructions say to put your popcorn and oil into it, then put it over a
medium to medium high heat while slowly turning the crank at the end of
the handle you see in the above photo.

The crank turns the gears on top of the popper...

...which in turn rotates this bar thing at the bottom of the pot and
keeps your cute little corns moving around and around. This is just
like the movie theater popcorn poppers do, but caveman style.

My regret is that I did not get a photo of my first batch of corn. FAIL!
I made two batches so far and all the kernels popped, I had none
burned and the popcorn was darn good.

The popcorn went just perfect with tonight's viewing
of the original "My Bloody Valentine".

Anyway, you can find these poppers all over the place and
there is a Whirley Pop website out there too.
P.S. Please forgive my seemingly out of control consumerism
as of late. I'm a MONSTER.

P.S.S. The booklet that comes with the popper states that for
registering your Whirley Pop, there is a 25 year warranty, so I did.


duanemyers50@gmail.com said...

Caveman style! LOL I love it! :)

Lizzy Tex Borden said...

Ugga boo ugga boo boo ugga! Heh heh....