Saturday, December 7, 2013

This is a pair of hearing protectors that I bought years ago at yet another
gun show. These are pretty standard as hearing protectors go, but they
work fine. Besides preventing you from agoin' deef from gunfire, they
are pretty good for sleepin' during thunder storms. I also break 'em out
when the noise in the rest of the house gets a little loud (television
and such).

Hearing protectors like these do not block out all noise like a TV or a
party. They are more for bursts of much louder noises. But they do
help. Also, if I don't get them adjusted on my head right, they can give
me a headache.

These are Peltor's Bull's Eye Shotgunner model. I've seen them for
about $33.99 on Amazon. I can't remember how much I paid years

One nice thing about this model is that they fold up and fit in a
pretty small area. Hey, you need some of these.

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