Friday, January 24, 2014

Today I have a couple of things from Knott's (not Knox) Berry
Farm in Buena Park, California. Up first is this Good Luck coin.
I have no idea when I picked it up or if they still make 'em. On the
other side of the coin are a pair of crossed single action pistols,
the letter "K" and the words "Good Luck".
Coins like this are pretty cool.

They don't seem to have them much anymore. It's kinda like the
crushed penny machines have taken over.

Up next I have a little burro that I am pretty sure was a Knott's
collectible. The name that was originally on the white label there
has rubbed off. Again I have no idea when I picked this up, what
year it is from or if they still make 'em. He's about 2.5 inches tall.

And here is the back of the burro. Why a picture of the back of
the burro and not a photo of the back of the "Good Luck" coin
you ask? Well, I am half assed like that. Get it? Half assed?
Burro? Assed? Heh heh...  That's right, I went there!

Oh Tex, you are a card.

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