Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I hadn't been to Toys "R" Us for about two and a half months
so I decided to go by there and see if they had anything fun in
the action figure area.

Funky teeth are fun but they are not action figures and I
realized that if I really wanted teeth like these, I could have
them for free, so I passed.

But I did find sooooommmmeeethiiiiinnnngggg. We will
have to wait until I get home to see what it is!

We're Home!
As it turns out, Toys "R" Us was having a "Green Tag"
sale. Lot's of good deals. I have been looking for this Hasbro
Darth Vader usually selling for $9.99 to $15.95. I got him
for $6.99. Semi-Score!

I also got the Neca Survival John Rambo figure. I was not
originally going to buy him. He is not a fantastic sculpt and
I wasn't going to pay the going price of $16.99, but I
got him for $6.80. Score!

And here is something that I was not going to put out the usual asking
price of $29.99 for. But today, Green Tagged, this Neca Prometheus
Trilobite VS. Battle Damaged Engineer was.... $7.99. Score!

All these figures for a grand total of $23.52.
Rock and roll. I'm good with it.

The Trilobite VS. Engineer will look good
with the rest of these guys.

It was a fun day for an action figure nerd.

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