Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just a couple of pictures I took today.

Back at the new Walmart. In the CD section. Will
you look at that guy on the TV? Faaaaa-LIP! Holy
cow. If that happened to me just one time, I'm in
traction for life.

While there I found a pretty good deal. The Amazing
Spider-Man Exclusive Movie Gift Set. It includes the
Blu-ray & DVD combo pack, a Limited Edition Mask
DVD case, and a bonus DVD titled, "Enter The Lizard".

Hmmmmmm. Enter the lizard. Not sure I am down with
entering a lizard. But for $9.96 I'll give it a go. I saw this
movie in the theater and was not in love with it, but if the price
came down, I was going to get it. Price came down.

Driving along on my way home...

...I come to a stop sign that makes me think I might need
to wear my glasses while driving. HA HA HA!

I jest.

One more for today. Whenever I pass by this home's stairs,
I'm thinkin' that Norman Bates should be standing at the
top of them. Right?


..a few days later.

I got the time and opened the Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray.
This is good deal. And if you really love this movie,
it's a really good deal.

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