Thursday, May 15, 2014

The wildfires are back. Yesterday it was 108 degrees and
we had nine fires in San Diego County. When I went to work
it seemed to be touch and go at El Rancho De La Tex, but I
did go knowing that if I received a call to evacuate, I would
leave work immediately.

Wonder of wonders, when I got home from work later at night,
I was expecting to see flames all around as I have in the past, but
the fires seemed to be under control. We managed to get
a few hours of semi-uneasy sleep.

Then this morning I looked out my bathroom window to see
this over the ridge. This is from over in Carlsbad.

Then I looked on the other side and saw these starting back
up. This is Camp Pendleton.

But we have been really lucky so far. No fires too too close to us
and the smoke here is not bad at all. The weather will hopefully let up
tomorrow and maybe everybody will get a break. Stressful times
for many.


Last one for today, I think.
I just took this one a few minutes ago. Sunset and the smoke from
the Camp Pendleton fire which looks like it is flaring up again.

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