Sunday, June 8, 2014

I visited World Market the other day. There were a few
things that I wanted to get. I wanted to buy some more
 of those "Fish Bowl" Party Snacks, but they were out...

...So I got some Pai Gow Poker Party Mix. Why Pai
Gow and why Poker I do not know. But it has the same
stuff as the Fish Bowl one, so give it a go I will.

What I really wanted to pick up at WM was more of this incense.
This is great stuff. There is no comparison to the cones you
find at Walmart or places like that.

This incense smells awesome and yes, it actually is relaxing.
I light one when I get home from work as I am changing
from "work look" to "at home bum look".

Inside the box are seven little bags with fifteen cones each.
Jasmine, Lotus, Musk-Amber, Patchouli, Pine, Rose and Sandal.
My favorites are Jasmine and Pine. I thought I would totally dislike
the Patchouli and Rose and even those are good. That's all I guess.

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