Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I must be slipping. I had no idea that Godzilla (2014) was being
released on Blu-ray today. I saw it at the movies back in May and
I was kind of blase about it. But when I saw it on the shelf today
I instantly reached for it. So I must have liked it more then I thought.
I am suddenly anxious to see it again.

(But what I really want is another "Cloverfield".)

Unlike the last several (or more) weeks there were a few releases
I saw that I am excited about, including a new Texas Chain Saw
Massacre: 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition that I may or may
not buy, depending on funds. Feast or famine in the Blu-ray arena.

Oh and I could not resist this skull soap dispenser. Very cool.
And green. It's green!

Walmart has put this awning up over half of their parking lot. At first
I thought it was lame. But I parked under it on this 100 plus
degree weather day, and it was cool. Literally. It might make
loading and unloading in rain nicer too.

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