Saturday, September 20, 2014

In 1979 I went to see a movie that would end up being my
all time favorite to this day: Apocalypse Now. Going in I
had no idea what this movie was about. Coming out my
roomie and I were speechless for the rest of the evening. I had
never had a movie going experience like that, ever.

In those days we were often given programs for the shows
we attended. I finally found mine and I am going to frame it.

I taped our tickets into the first pages of the program. Kind of tacky,
but what did I know in those days. It is kind of interesting to see the
$4.00 ticket price though. And this was no "bargain showing". This
was a full on Picwood Theater in West Los Angeles as good as it got
Friday evening presentation.

I have seen Apocalypse Now more times than I can even
remember and it is always beyond compare.
(The program size is 7 x 11 inches.)

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